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About me

Have you ever been afraid of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day? Welcome to the inspiration for my blog. Constantly putting together outfits in my head with nowhere to wear them, I’ve created an outlet for myself so that no good outfit goes unseen! I’m extremely passionate about clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty and I’d love to share my passion with everyone around me. I aimed to create a space for daily style inspiration (because we’ve all been in a leggings-and-Uggs wearing slump at one point or another), as well as become a sounding board for your own style ideas. I love casual wear (mostly because that’s what people wear 80% of the time) as well as adding a touch of luxury (I’m Russian, I can’t help it. If you’ve ever known/have been a Russian in your life, you understand). If you love fashion, or just need ideas on what to wear to your next date/casual hang out/night out/whatever…this blog is for you!