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Mixed and Matched

Out of all of the outfits that I have posted so far, this one truly defines my style aesthetic. It mixes styles from edgy, casual, classic, and sophisticated. (Yes, I just self-proclaimed myself to be classic and sophisticated). I don’t believe in having a specific style of dressing, and quite frankly it bores me to tears. I can be boho-chic one day, and the next day you might see me dressed in a blazer and Chanel. That’s the beauty of fashion, in my opinion—it allows you to be whoever you want to be based on your mood (or budget) at any given time. Here, I mixed frayed ripped jeans with a heeled ankle boot, a whimsical shirt, and a classic structured tweed jacket. I love mixing classic staples like a Chanel-esque jacket with something rock n roll like ripped jeans and a band t-shirt. So go out there and do you, people! If you want to wear a plaid shirt with cowboy boots one day (although I don’t understand it, unless you’re going to the rodeo) and the next day wear leather pants and a fur vest, more power to you my fellow fashion chameleons!

P.S. This shirt is over two years old and currently sold out, however I have compiled some band tees that would look equally as awesome with this, or a similar outfit.

Jeans: Necessary Clothing

Jacket: Iro

Shoes: Iro

Shirt: Similar Options (here)

And (here)

Bag: Chanel (not available online)

Sunglasses: Celine

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