The Haute List Under $100!

Online shopping is a real problem… I want and (think) that I need everything!!! Without running the risk of bankrupting myself and sending my entire family into a tailspin of poverty and depression, I am sharing some of the items I have been coveting lately (but not purchasing…maybe. sometimes. Maybe just one or two!) Did I mention it’s all under $100! There are often times that I get stuck in a rut, and want to revamp my wardrobe and even my entire look…but don’t know exactly where to look. Sometimes it takes a suggestion, or someone else’s fashion eye to show me an item that I normally would have overlooked before. And sometimes, adding that one item into my closet allows me to look at all of my clothes in a new light. Every week, I will be compiling a list of items that I am purchasing (or want to be purchasing) to share some ideas and inspiration. Hope you enjoy the Haute List and continue reading each week for more.

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